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    • Applicant's Name:
    • Over 18 years old: Yes No
    • Phone: Cell: E-Mail:
    • Occupation: Employer: Work Phone:
    • Employer's Address:
    • How long have you worked here?
    • Mailing Address:
    • Civic Address:(If different than Mailing address)
    • How long have you lived there?:
    • How did you learn about MSPHA? Please explain:
    • Why do you want to adopt a standardbred?


      • a. Gender:
      • b. Age:
      • c. Size:
      • d. Plans for use? Riding/Driving/Companion? Please explain:


      • Please describe your riding experience:
      • How would you rate yourself in regards to horse care and riding? Please explain:
      • How would you rate the main rider of horse, if not applicant? Please explain:
      • How many days per week will this horse be ridden or driven?
      • How long have you been searching for a new horse?
      • Have you ever owned a horse or a pony before? Yes No
      • Please explain if any previously owned horses were sold, died or given away or other circumstances as to why you no longer have them:
      • Please list the horses you now own:
      • If a behavioral / training problem arises, are you willing to consult a trainer?
      • Please estimate the monthly costs for the following care:
        • a. Hay/grain/supplements:
        • b. Accommodations (if boarding):
        • c. Farrier:
        • d. Vet (yearly estimated cost):
      • Are you able to comfortably provide the estimated care, and are you prepared for other emergency costs such as sickness, accidents and emergency care)? Please explain:


      • This horse will be stabled at? Boarding Facility/Home/Other? Please explain:
      • Information about Horse's accommodations:
        • Address:
        • Phone Number:
        • Name of Contact Person:
        • Barn size:
        • Box Stall Size:
        • What type of fencing encloses the turnout area for your horse?
        • Size of the turnout area:
        • How many horses are stabled at the facility?
        • How long will your horse be turned out each day?
      • How often do you worm?
      • How often will you have your horses teeth floated?
      • How often will your horse’s feet be trimmed?
      • How often will you have your horse vaccinated?
      • Who will care for your horse(s) when you are away?


    • Professional References

      • Name of current equine vet:
      • Phone Number:
      • Length of time used:
      • Name of current farrier:
      • Phone Number:
      • Length of time used:
    • Personal Reference

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      • Phone Number:
      • Number of years known:
      • Relationship:

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    I have read the above information carefully and have filled out this application honestly. I understand that omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions can result in this application being declined. Also, if an omission or untruth is discovered after a relocation takes place, I understand and accept that the MSPHA has the right to annul the adoption and reclaim the animal.

    I give the MSPHA permission to fully investigate the information provided as well as contact veterinarians and related officials. I have contacted said individuals ahead of time to allow them to disclose your information to MSPHA.

    I understand and accept that it is the MSPHA’s prerogative to decide which home is most appropriate for the individual horse, and therefore I will not take issue with the decision. Unless otherwise indicated by the MSPHA, I may be considered for another animal.